Fez – The Old Maghreb City

Fez-The-Old-Maghreb-City Moroccan Sink


One of the fascinating Morocco attractions, Fez possesses everything you need out of a 1,200-year-old Maghreb city in the Middle Eastern deserts. It’s among the most exciting places in Morocco where you’ll find a Fès el-Bali, which happens to be the historic heart of this city with a deep and mysterious labyrinth of lanes and staircases set amidst colorful tanneries and cottages will blow your mind.

Another great attraction of this place is the elegant boulevards of Ville Nouvelle where the French had created stunning palm-fringed avenues and refreshing fountains alongside lavish hotels and Parisian-flavoured streets.

How To Reach: Fes-Saiss Airport is the nearest airport to Fez. If you are traveling via train then deboard the train at Fès-Ville railway station.

Visit For: Mix of ancient architecture and modernism

Tourist Attractions: Fès el-Bali

Things To Do:

taste luxury in the many hotels

Admire the architecture

The Old Maghreb City
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